DOOS was born from a vital change. In 2017 we, Núria and Dani, We decided to leave our native Barcelona and move to Santa Pau, our adopted town, to look for another kind of life.

We come from worlds very different from jewelry, but we both had the desire to devise and create and wood attracted us.

First we created La fusta boja and we have evolved to DOOS.

Our inspiration comes from nature and the mountains, that have always been present in our lives and we have had the need to be in contact with them. We always say that nature makes you breathe differently, makes you aware of now and here, definitely, makes you see life differently.

So, our love for nature, our jewels are born. Hence, wood is always present in all our pieces. For us, Wearing a DOOS jewel is wearing a piece of nature on your skin that connects you to the earth.

Who are we?

DOOS is and will be our professional and life project as it allows us to work together, inspire us, design and create.

At DOOS we work by hand in our workshop in Santa Pau, Garrotxa, designing and creating our pieces.

The materials we use are wood, sterling silver, copper and various minerals.

As for wood, We work with different types. On the one hand, exotic woods that give us a different originality and beauty; for another, gifted woods that have given us thought of us; and to finish, but no less important, Woods found. These last, they are woods that we have found in different places and moments in our lives and, lately tours we have done for our immediate environment.

How we work?

custom jewelry

At DOOS we make you the jewelry you are looking for for that special occasion, engagement ring, wedding bands, the jewel to pamper you… definitely, do you your dream jewel.


At DOOS we work with certified exotic woods. And also with found woods that come from fallen branches, pruning remains ... so we give them a second life.